Mar’haba (welcome) to Kenza

Our restaurant serves authentic, home-style Lebanese and Middle-eastern cuisine which can be shared with friends, family and colleagues. The recipes our chefs have created have been taken from our mothers and grandmothers from when we were children.

As well as our traditional food we also have a fun and relaxed approach. Our restaurant welcomes everyone for any occasion and our décor, food, hospitality and entertainment reflect that.

Tony Kitous, Founder

Winter Feast Specail

Fabulous and heart-warming offer, 5 vibrant mezze, a choice of 3 authentic main-courses and delightful dessert, this offer is available Sunday to Thursday for up to 9 people.


Our food can be enjoyed at home or the office, or anywhere else. You can order a takeaway from us whenever we are open. If you are in a two mile radius of EC2M and spend £15 or more we can deliver our food to you.